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Hook Your Prospects with Engaging Website Content & Direct Response Copy

Great Content Increases Sales ...
Selling Covertly with Blockbuster Style Copy & Content

A Blockbuster Movie doesn't "TRY" to sell you.  A movie "trailer" is provided, giving you a small taste of
the most compelling scenes in the movie.  The trailer is movie content that engages you and all of your senses.

A Blockbuster Novel doesn't "TRY" to sell.  It sells covertly by engaging its readers with content, leaving them wanting more.
The author creates a fan base that is excited and hungry to pay for the next book because of this content.

You'll often hear ...
"I loved that book.  I can hardly wait for the next one to come out."
Even non-fiction information can accomplish this for you if written to engage your prospect.
It can pre-sell or leverage the sale of your products or services when written correctly.

Great content teases and hooks your prospects so they want more of what you can offer.
Repeated exposure to great content creates a relationship with prospects
transforming them from cold to hot.  Great content increases sales. 
It puts the reader "under its spell" and begging for more.

Engaging marketing content is not fluff or filler content.
  • It's effective marketing copy and it makes your direct response copy sell more with less effort.
  • This kind of marketing content does more than optimize for search engines. 
  • It optimizes your prospect's desire for your product or services.
  • It optimizes your customer's desire for "more" of your products or services
  • It builds trust.  It establishes your expertise and You as an Authority. 
  • It hooks your prospects and gets them eager to say yes,
  then links them to your direct response sales page
  so they can buy what you're selling.

All of these are sales presentations disguised as useful and interesting information.

When Dan Kennedy presents at a marketing conference, his back of the room sales
and resulting after conference online sales soar.

When Jay Abraham mails out a direct sales package, it is filled with useful information that
excites the reader, even the envelope it arrives in is typically covered with engaging tidbits
of useful information ... and the prospect MUST open the envelope to read more. 
All of this happens before he ever arrives at the sales offer for the marketing
product he is selling ... and the reader can't stop him or herself from buying.

None of this comes across as a sales presentation on stage or as an "in your face" direct selling
attempt you receive in the mail.  The audience participant or the prospect receiving this kind of
direct mail piece sees the promises of great and immediate content.  They are eager
to listen or to read the info.  It makes them hungry for more.  It's like taking a
test drive in a super powerful, amazingly stylish, and status raising automobile
that you want to take home with you and can't wait to show off.

You can't deny this. You have certainly been on the receiving end of one of
Dan's or Jay's content rich selling presentations.  You've felt the desire
to have more, and I'm guessing you couldn't help yourself from buying.

The direct sales pitch is there.  It's just hidden within the content. 
... and it's all done leading with super appealing content. 
The reader has to have more, and the sale is made!

It is this rich content, disguised sales copy, that pulls the prospect
further up the sales funnel to higher and higher priced products.

... and that is my philosophy for writing marketing copy and content ...

  • website articles
  • email copy/email series
  • newsletter/ezine copy
  • blog copy
  • transforming instructive "how to" copy to engage readers
  • adding value to interview transcripts with instructive summaries
  • special reports that build your opt-in prospect list
  • special bonus reports used to captivate your prospects attention
  • sales copy (print, web or email) heavily laced with rewarding content
  • teaser headlines on Social Media, PPC Ads, and more to draw prospects to your website
  • search engine optimized web copy to attract prospects and get them to opt-in

... all leaving your prospects wanting and willing to pay for more information from you!

It's like the televison commercial for a certain brand of potato chip that has its signature line as
"Bet you can't eat just one!"  So if you can offer a taste of intense engaging copy, I bet they
can't consume just one taste of your tantilizing content.  They will want more ... from YOU!
They will want more of your information and be very willing to pay for it!

Engaging Your Prospects
  • Your Headlines need to engage your prospects.
  • Your sub-heads and bullet points need to be engaging.
  • Your Teaser Envelope copy needs to engage your prospects.
  • Your Copy/Content (in any form you present it) needs to engage your prospects.

Like that first bite of your favorite food
or a first kiss from that special someone,
it's not enough ... you are driven to desire more.

That's what your content needs to do.
Your content needs to engage your audience and drive them to desire more.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Captivating Web & Hard Copy Content

  • Captivating content on websites can keep visitors coming back for more.

  • Website content, when optimized for search engines, can draw more potential customers to your website.

  • Captivating content in newsletters, ezines and blogs can trigger your prospect to visit your website for more.

  • Captivating content in the form of special report bonuses can help you build email or newsletter prospect lists.

  • Captivating hard copy content can be used as sales collateral to keep a prospect engaged and build your credibility.

  • Captivating content can be used to make a very appealing direct selling offer.

Engaging Special Report Content

  • Special report bonuses can be offered in direct response sales letters and ads as lead generators.

  • Special reports can be used to incentivize prospects to get them on your opt-in email list.

  • Special reports can be used as bonuses for purchasing any number of products to induce and increase sales.

  • and engaging special reports can be sent to or handed to current customers to nurture them into the next sale.

Content Rich Sales Copy

  • Teaser emails can drive prospects and customers to visit new website content repeatedly and develop firm relationships.

  • Teaser Headline Copy in blogs and social media can lure prospects and customers to marketing content or sales pages.

  • Engaging content laced into sales letters can keep a prospect reading and wanting more information from you.

How-To Instructive Content

  • Traditional instructive content can be boring.  Adding interesting content can make boring instruction come alive.

  • Expert interviews meant to instruct can be confusing.  Most of the time, all that is offered is just CD's, DVD's
  and written transcripts.  Transforming this content by adding reader friendly, clear instructive summaries
  can take the confusion out of expert interview content and make it more useful and desirable.

  • Confusing instructive content or boring instructive content can kill any desire for buying more products from you.
  When instruction is both interesting and easily followable, customers are more likely to buy more from you.

All of this adds up to the kind of copy or content that will create a fan base excited to buy your products and services.
  • Engaging content builds relationships where none previously exist and solidifies existing client relationships.
  • Engaging content builds trust and establishes you as an authority.  It turns prospects into paying customers.
  • A fan base, excited by your engaging content, translates into a more profitable business for you.
  • Engaging marketing content more than pays for itself.  It multiplies your sales and income.

Now one last word if I may offer an analogy.

A guy doesn't propose marriage on a first date,
and a gal doesn't ask for committment on a first date.
There's a lot of "wooing"  going on before this starts to happen.
Engaging marketing content does the wooing that makes any kind
of long term 'prospect to customer' commitment possible.

... and sometimes there is Love at First Sight and the sale is made right then and there!

Direct selling without engaging marketing content makes selling more difficult.
It will not produce the consistent feeling of trust and value that can be accomplished
by repeatedly providing short bursts of valuable content to the prospect or existing customers,
content that will then create a long satisfying relationship for them and a profitable relationship for you.

Great content has the ability to sell without selling.
A movie trailer sells viewers on seeing a movie.
It doesn't explain why they should see the movie.
The trailer gives the viewer a taste so they want more.

Special Reports, Web Articles and Useful bursts of web or email content
does for selling what a movie trailer does for movie goers and movie theaters.

... and in marketing, a long satisfying relationship translates into long term dollars in your bank account.

Engaging Content Rich Marketing Copy turns "End of Story" into "Your Success Story!"

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Jeff Zadzilka - the Perfect Resource for Your Marketing Content & Sales Copy

"My previous background in writing instructional coursework, field sales, expertise in NLP personal influence,
and my current focus on direct response marketing and copywriting makes me the right choice for your
ongoing content and content rich sales copy development needs - - - website content, blog content,
newsletter content, special reports, bonus reports, teaser ads and direct response copy ...

  • web content that attracts
  • web content that engages
  • web content that converts
  • web content that leverages your sales and profitability!"

- Jeff Zadzilka, Freelance Copywriter

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My Background:

  • Dan Kennedy Trained Copywriter for Info-Marketers
  • AWAI Trained Copywriter & Founder's Circle Member
  • Former AT&T Corporate Training Course Developer & Trainer
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner/Classic & New Code
  • Former Personal Influence Coach for Sales Reps
  • Varied Field Sales Experience with extensive Sales Training
  • Personal Development & Info-Products Customer since 1971

I look forward to the opportunity to help you captivate your prospects and customers
with engaging content and content rich direct selling copy.

Leave your prospects and customers wanting more of what you offer!

Jeff Zadzilka, Freelance Copywriter
Specializing in Personal Development, Self-Help & Information Marketing
Hook Your Prospects with Engaging Website Content & Direct Response Copy

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