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Know Your Prospect before you Write
Writing any marketing content or direct response sales letters requires that the copywriter know the mind and emotions of your targeted prospect in order to capture their attention and keep their interest.

I am Your Prospect
Who better to understand the mind and emotions of your targeted prospect than a copywriter who has invested heavily and often in various types of self-help personal and professional development books, courses, workshops and more for the past 40 plus years. I am your prospect or very close to being so.  ... but I still do proper research for the prospect list you've chosen.

Matching Your Product or Service Benefits to Your Prospects Desires
I have the added advantage of earning a Master Practitioner Certification in NLP with 24 years of study and practice.  One of the many skill sets of NLP is called "Triple Description."  Triple Description is the practice of understanding any subject from one's own perceptual position called first perceptual position, the perceptual position of the other person or persons in an interaction or relationship called second perceptual position (also called walking in another man's mocassins), and an objective perceptual position observing the interaction and relationship between first and second perceptual position, called third perceptual position. 
Triangulation or Triple Description
This triangulation of triple description is the exact process needed to understand how a primary product or service benefit or which big idea of your product or service relates to your targeted prospect.  The actual practice of moving from one perceptual position to another is much more than pretending to be someone else.  It involves years of practice in observing the physiology, micro muscle movements, of an individual and then being able to match or mirror that persons physiology in your own body.  By doing so, one can often feel the same emotions (sometimes even the thought patterns) as the other person (a prospect).  This is used by the FBI, CIA and is shown in the television series, The Mentalist and occasionally in Criminal Minds.

That experience of feeling someone elses emotions is more complex than giving the feelings a label or name.  It is understanding the gut feeling of another person or prospect and how to alter that gut feeling, generating interest or curiosity, moving that feeling from curiosity over to a sense of usefulness and then to a feeling of "I got to have this."

That can be quite an advantage for a writer to be able to get inside a prospects mind and body.  One top copywriter,
Dan Kennedy, has said that it is important for a copywriter to be able to join the prospects dialogue in progress with your own words of copy, and knowing what questions and concerns a prospect has so the copywriter can answer them in the copy just as the prospect voices his or her concern mentally.  Second position perceptual shifts allows a NLP skilled copywriter to do this.

Additional NLP Advantages
NLP is the study of subjective experience and skill sets for modeling human excellence in its many forms. 
Skilled NLP Practitioners, like myself, study sensory representations, sensory characteristics, belief maps, language and how to use them as tools for influencing change in others.  The first models for personal influence and change were derived from modeling the most effective mental health therapists who have been consistently successful with difficult patients. 

The first therapists modeled were Milton Erickson, M.D. (clinical or medical hypnotherapy), Virginia Satir (family therapy), and Fritz Perls (gestalt therapy).  Hypnotic Influential Language was the main product derived from Dr. Erickson, Physiological impact from mirroring was the main product derived from Virginia Satir, and the perceptual meaning implications from triple descriptions was the product derived from Fritz Perls. 

Dr. John Grinder (Professor of Linguistics and student of the famous Noam Chomsky), Richard Bandler (computer programmer), and Judith DeLozier (Cultural Anthropologist) were the three main developers/creators of the NLP methodology. 

Anthony Robbins was one of their earlier students of this methodology and has used NLP as the basis for all of his former and current work. 

These are three brilliant individuals who were able to understand and codify how language patterns, verbal characteristics and delivery, physiology, focus of attention, framing and other aspect of communication results in changing another individuals way of thinking, feeling, choice making, and acting. 

Many other NLP practitioners have modeled the most effective sales professionals to discover the structure of the most persuasive interactive selling presentations, especially the most influential communication qualities: language, verbal characteristics, and physiological patterns.

I received my NLP practitioner and master practitioner certification from John Grinder, PhD and Judith DeLoziers,
both original co-developers of NLP. 

Almost every personal and professional development author or expert has learned some of
and now uses a portion of the NLP methodology in their work.

Face to Face Selling Experience
Copywriting is selling in print.  Those of us who have had face to face selling experience with prospects don't have to imagine how prospects respond during selling presentations.  We don't have to guess at what it is like to answer a prospects concerns to close a sale.  Face to face selling experience is very useful in writing lead generation and direct sales copy. 

I have sold life insurance, property & casualty insurance, retail phone services, small business phone systems, security systems, professional development courses, and display advertising.  I don't have to guess what it is like to influence and sell products or services to prospects.  My first hand, direct prospecting and selling experience will be very useful to you.

Lead Generation, Incentive Special Reports & List Building
Lead Generation copy is usually short copy with tantalizing teaser headlines and an offer for a free relevant special report.  In order to acquire this special report, the prospect agrees to be on your opt-in email list or might require a postal delivery address to send a hard copy, CD or DVD offer. 

List Building & Building a Profitable Business
The free special report is an essential tool for getting visitors to your website to agree to "opt-in" to your email list.  Free useful but short content or articles in emails or e-newsletters is then critical to develop your relationship with those on your list.  The better and more useful the content, the more you develop your credibility, authority and value in the mind of each of your prospects.  The opt-in aspect of list building is typically part of a "Squeeze Page" or "Landing Page."

Acquire prospects on your opt-in email list, then develop your relationship with them.  Once this is accomplished, you can provide useful content that tantalizes the prospect to want the product you are going to be offering, suggesting, or recommending to them at the end of the content in the third, fourth or fifth email.  On occasion, you can even replace a sales letter with a special report that compels the prospect to want a designated related product you introduce at the end of a single report.

For shorter emails, you can start with the teaser headline and opening statement with a link to the article that will appear on one of your web pages. 

SEO ... If you optimize the articles and content for search engines, this will also be an advantage to bring prospects to your webpages so you can get them to opt-in and build your email list.

Responsiveness & Profitability
Opt-in email lists of prospects with whom you have built a credible relationship of value are much more responsive to your offers.  Reports from those who use this prospecting and selling strategy say that prospects buy as much as 10 times more often than when they did not use this strategy.  Additionally, they can replace a long sales letter with a one or two paragraphs of recommendation in an email or ezine for a lower priced item or a short sales letter for a higher priced product. 

Your credibility has already been estabilished and the customer trusts your recommendation.  Trust replaces a truck load of facts, figures and long lists of various proof that the product will benefit them.   .... and you don't have to re-establish you credibility every time you make an offer for a product as long as you make certain the products you offer are of good quality and useful to the prospect.  Establishing a great opt-in email list and building the relationship is like having a printing press for money.

Special Reports, Articles, Useful Web Content
The special report is legitimately useful content with a bridge to a sales landing page, or can be used to nurture your relationship with the prospect over time in effort to create a sale in a longer selling cycle.  The opt-in email list is an enormously effective asset.  As long as you can continue to provide useful and relevant content to your prospects and customers, you can continue to sell them any number of products and services over time.  You invest so much time and money to acquire that first customer so it would be a waste to sell them once and move on to other prospects.  Having a number of related products and services or consumables allows you to sell each prospect and customer a number of times with less expense and more profit as your relationship of trust and value with them is built.

Articles and Useful Web Content build your relationship with your opt-in prospects and current customers.  You don't need a full special report every week to keep you prospects and customers satisfied and happy.  Your content can be one paragraph as long as it is useful to the prospect.  Weekly email content or emails that bridge to web content are best when short. 

I receive twenty to a hundred emails per day.  Most of them I delete based on the subject line.  I don't have time to read them all and neither will your prospects.  If the subject line is engaging enough, a prospect may be compelled to open the email.  If the content is short enough, they will read it.  Sometimes a prospect can be compelled enough to read a few pages of content if they believe it is beneficial to them to do so. 

Timing is also important.  Even an email with the most interesting subject line may not get opened if the prospect is in a rush when they go through their email.  This is why you may need to send a duplicated email or two with a lead sentence of "just in case you missed this."  So now, instead of having to send 52 weekly emails, you may only have to send 26 emails.  That will save you time and help the prospect get valuable content they may have meant to read later and forgot about.  The better and more useful your content, the more your prospect will make sure they don't miss them.  That makes you more effective and produces more sales and profits.


Effective & Engaging Marketing Content
Effective & Engaging Marketing Content is an essential tool in lead generation, prospect and customer nurturing.

Who better to write that content than a former professional instructional course developer and trainer.
I've been professionally trained while at AT&T as a course developer and instructor.

  - Bell Core Training Standards
  - Training Needs Analysis
  - Instructional Course Design
  - Self-Paced Learning Course Design
  - Job-Aid Design
  - Instructional Techniques
  - Delivering Classroom Instruction

I have designed, written and instructed from one page job-aids to a 600 plus page illustrated instructional course.
Part of my job was consulting with departmental clients for their needs, analysis, and agreement on the intended training outcome, the evidence of that outcome, and other aspect of defining the timing and methods of getting that outcome.

I know how to design, develop and write "How-To Special Reports, Articles, Content."

Not Every Piece of Content Needs to be Instructional
Instructional content answers the question of "How" and is a blueprint for how an individual can build a useful skill set.
Informative content answers the question of "What" and can open a whole new line of discovering, thinking or understanding. 
It can also be entertaining, tell a story, stimulating emotions, satisfying or building curiosity in a person.
Influential or Persuasive content answers the question of "Why" and is the trigger for motivation to want or to act.
This is the objective of the typical direct sales letter.  Selling is about getting the prospect to feel the "Why" they need and want a product or service.

Of course there are crossovers.

A well written article or special report can whet the hunger or thirst for a product that you want to sell.

This is my specialty.
I write informative, instructional and persuasive articles, special reports, e-letters that will help you build a valuable and profitable email list, develop credibility, value and trust between you and your prospects and existing customers.

My expertly crafted content will effortlessly bridge over to related product or service offers and making it easy and compelling for a prospect to buy from you.

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I will go back and edit out info, reorganize, etc.

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- personal influence coaching and testimonials from that time
- LMI franchise owner (personal and prof dev programs)
- AT&T Leadership & Manangement Course taken
- lifetime of Nightingale Conant 

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