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Jeff Zadzilka, Freelance Copywriter
Specializing in Personal Development, Self-Help & Information Marketing
Hook Your Prospects with Engaging Website Content & Direct Response Copy

Services & Estimated Fees:

Fees shown below may vary 30% up or down depending on the nature of the project requirements.
I can give you a firm quote within 48 hours after discussing the project with you.

Sales Copy & Content that Engages & Captivates Your Prospects and Customers

  • website articles
  • newsletter copy
  • blog copy
  • email copy
  • transforming instructive copy
  • special bonus reports used to captivate your prospects attention
  • lead generation copy
  • sales copy (print, web or email) heavily laced with rewarding content

Every one of these will be written in a manner that either directly sells, bridges to a sale,
or nurtures the prospect or existing customer to move a sale forward.

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I also do Internet Research
for the Overworked Copywriter or
the Copywriter who would rather be writing Sales Copy.
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The Project Fee Schedule below are estimates and may vary depending
on the complexity of the research, copy and/or project being requested.

Internet Research Services
Topic research for articles, reports, sales letters, etc. (sourcing included)
$40.00 per hour
$35.00 per hour/4 to 12 hours per month
$30.00 per hour/12 hours or more per month

Copywriting Projects - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Graphic Design
Illustrations/Pictures/Images not included
Content and Font Suggested Format included

Various website hosts allow different sets of fonts and formatting.  For that reason,
the suggested formats I provide may not be part of the font/format sets that can be
placed on your website pages.  Your website host will likely have fonts that are similar
to fonts I have provided in my copy.  You may also provide me with a list of fonts and
sizes that your website host does include and I can work within those boundaries. 
If you do not know, you may ask your web designer/programmer to email me and
I will work with them to provide copy that is in sync with your website host. 
Web designer/programmer response times may add more time to the project.

Copy/Content emailed to you as an attachment.
Attachments will be in Microsoft Word and as a PDF.
PDF's, when emailed, hold their original fonts and layout.
Microsoft Word attachments may look different upon receipt
depending on whether your computer has the same version and fonts.

Article Content, Blogs, Emails, Ezine Content, PPC ads, Display Ads, Advertorials
Prospect/Customer Nurturing Article Writing or Content for Print or Online
$90.00 to 180.00 for every 600 words or portion of depending on needed research.
(requires information from you about your products, services,
psychographics and demographics about your prospects and customers)

Sales Copy (online web copy or print copy)
$360.00 per page for first two pages/600 words per page of sales copy regardless of actual length
$300.00 per page for third thru fourth page of sales copy
$240.00 for additional pages of sales copy
Examples:   One page Sales Copy for $360.00       (up to 600 words)
Two page Sales Copy for $720.00      (601 to 1200 words)
Four page Sales Copy for $1320.00     (1801 to 2400 words)
Eight page Sales Copy for $2280.00     (4201 to 4800 words)

Special Reports (not to be used as products to be sold)
Lead Generating or Prospect/Customer Nurturing Free Report or Bonus Report Content
Research provided by you
$240.00 per page of content (three page/1800 word minimum)
Research provided by me
$360.00 per page of content (three page/1800 word minimum)
(1)  I do not count or charge for the title page or other non-content pages.
(2)  I can provide a basic cover for special reports but you may want to hire a graphic designer for cover art.

Search Engine Optimized Copy (requires an additional level of editing)
Keywords or Phrases provided by you
$30.00 per page/600 words
Keywords or Phrases provided by me
$90.00 per page/600 words
(this requires two additional edits of the content on my part)

SEO Expectations
There is more to getting good search engine rankings than meta titles, meta descriptions and keywords/phrases on a webpage. 
Good search engine rankings require special marketing optimization strategies involving your entire website and more. 
You can read about these strategies in my special report, "Search Engine Competition:  Weaving Your Marketing Spiderweb." (pending)

Training Document Transformations
Creating Customer Friendly Training Document Transformations
From your research or notes
$180.00 to $360.00 per page of training content extracted and formatted
From your expert interviews
$180.00 to $360.00 per page of training content extracted and formatted

Instructions provided to clients in interview format are interesting but can also
be frustrating.  I suggest including an additional instruction formatted document
along with the interview transcript or inserted within the interview transcript.
This then appears as an added value to your product package.


Edits of Draft and Final Copy (after the initial agreement of theme/big idea)
One edit provided/included after first draft copy.
Additional discussion with you occurs after this draft in order to write the final copy.
One edit provided/included for final copy.
Additional edits for spelling included at no cost.
Other additional edits can be negotiated.
I do numerous edits of the copy myself that you never see.

Draft and Final Copy Edits
Client has 30 days to respond with edit request to first draft or final copy draft.
If no response, or no extension request after the first draft, project is killed
and appropriate kill fees are to be paid to me within 30 days.
If final draft is provided to you and no response or extension request is received
within 30 days, then entire project fee is due and to paid to me within 30 days. 

Special Reports as Products for Sale
Special Reports written for sale as products instead of as incentives/bonuses,
may be considered and co-written or collaborated on as a joint project. 
Negotiation required.

Copywriting & Research Project Incentive Discount for New Clients
As an incentive to encourage new business when schedule allows,
I am offering a 30% discount on fees for the first three projects
requested and confirmed within a three month time frame.

Project Fee Payments & Kill Fees
Projects up to or at $600.00 require half of the fee payable up front
and the remaining half payable within 30 days of the final copy.
Project kill fee, once work is started, is the half fee paid up front.
If project is killed after receipt of final copy draft, the full fee is payable.

Projects over $600.00 require 30% of the fee payable up front,
an additional 30% payable upon submitting first draft,
and final 40% payable upon client receipt of the final copy.
Project kill fee, once work is started, is 30% of total project fee.
Project kill fee, after first draft is submitted is 60% of total project fee.
Entire fee is due if project is killed after submitting final copy even without edit.

Fee Payment Methods - check by mail or credit via email invoice on PayPal
You may pay by check via mail or choose to receive an
email invoice so you can pay by credit or debit card via secured PayPal.
Checks should be made payable to "Inner Circle Resources".
When emailed Invoice is paid, it will show on your account as "Inner Circle."

Copy Project Time Frames
Time Frames for first drafts, edits, and final copy will be discussed
and agreed upon in writing prior to confirmation of any project requests.
Some copy projects may require research that provides an unknown factor.
In these situations, time frame estimates will be discussed and agreed upon
in writing before starting the copy work.

Rush Job Requests
I seldom accept rush jobs.  It effects the quality of the copy as well as
the sales or sales leverage impact.  If a rush job is accepted, an additional
fee will be negotiated.

Rights to Use as Website Samples
Copy or content may be used as samples on any of my websites
with names and URL's changed so as not to designate client identification
unless client expressly requests or allows the additional exposure on my websites.

Copy Review Responsibilities
I thoroughly review copy before submitting it.  On a rare occasion, some
copy error may be present.  The client is expected to make a final review
of copy to prevent these rare occurences. 

Legal Review of Copy
I am a copywriter and not an attorney.  Clients are expected to review copy
for legal purposes, to make certain no violations of law will occur when copy
is published.  Certain product or service niches like the health industry have
special legal requirements on health claims.  The client is ultimately accepts
the responsibility for legal review of any copy submitted for web or print.

Marketing or Advertising Agencies
I accept work with agencies for copywriting projects.
Please email me for any project request inquiries.

For more information or to discuss other requests
please feel free to contact me at the email address shown below:

Jeff Zadzilka, Freelance Marketing Copywriter
Specializing in Personal Development, Self-Help & Info-Marketing
Hook Your Prospect with Engaging Website Content & Direct Response Copy

email me at:  jeff-copywriter@att.net

Copyright © 2013 - 2015  Jeff Zadzilka, dba Inner Circle Resources.  All rights reserved.